Time to grow

Developing The Team Player Within You

We are thrilled to start this new year with a new journey within Time To Grow: Developing the Team Player Within You.

The heart of this training is to encourage and challenge you to become a better team player. We are all part of a team, whether it is at home, at work, in a ministry, in an organization or a church. 

Unfortunately, most of us have decided to become passive team members instead of key team players. 

We hope that it is not the case for you, but just in case you disengaged in some teams you are part of (maybe it’s time to evaluate if you will/should/can take the journey with that specific team), this is an opportunity for a fresh new start and an attitude and character reset, to make yourself more valuable and to tap into the huge potential of team work.

Starting on January, 10. - 2024

We have a special gift for you - training available online at your own pace - to get you started on your growth journey: send us an email at contact@leadershipacademy.mg and we will send you more details! 🎁